who we are

Founder Rev. Richard Johnson

“Somebody has got to help these people!” Richard Johnson reflects the love of Jesus Christ. In 1996, Johnson began renovations on a house on Arch Street in Spartanburg, SC. His intentions were to make it a home for elderly people who needed someone to care for them.

However, the Lord gave him the vision that this home was to be used to house men diagnosed with mental illnesses, men struggling with alcohol and drug addictions and those who had just been released from jail.

Prior to this vision, Richard Johnson had been addicted to drugs and alcohol, and also had run-ins with the law. Therefore, he knew first-hand how to assist the men sent to his home.

His goal is raise up these men from being a liability, to becoming an asset to society. Johnson’s guiding force in aiding the men at his facility is “unconditional love,” as it states in 1 John 4:7-11.

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