how we help

Divinity Care Video

  • We provide shelter, food, job training, case management and referral for homeless men. Alcohol and drug abuse services are provided through partner organizations.
  • Divinity Care Facility provides shelter for up to 17 (capacity) males per night and more during the winter (due to state laws any temperature under 40 degrees a shelter may go past capacity).
  • DCF provides 3 meals a day and snacks and drinks laid out through out the day for the residents.
  • We provide clothes for the client and if there are not any available in our donations, the client will receive a voucher to the Salvation Army to take care of their clothing needs.
  • DCF also has a no Substance Abuse Policy and if the client needs, we will refer that client to SADAC.
  • Also, transportation is provided on an as need basis for outside doctors appointments, as well as, transportation to look for employment or to their place of employment again on an as needed basis.
  • DCF will also try to assist the client with medications needed, if not we refer the client to an organization that can assist them in this process.
  • Divinity Care Facility also provides Life Skills classes along with individual and group counseling to help the resident become a self-sufficient productive member in society.
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